Five Day Livery Package...

If your horse is on the Five Day Livery Services  Package, WE do all the work during the week - Monday to Friday - then YOU look after your horse at weekends. We will also ride your horse during the week by request and at extra cost.

Each morning your horse will be fed, rugged up & turned out. Your horse's stable will be mucked out and all haynets and feeds will be made up.

Later in the day your horse will be brought in and then fed in the evening unless you will be exercising him and have specified otherwise. 

Manor Farm Equine is delighted to operate an all year round turnout policy. During the summer your horse will have two options, the more cost effective 'summer rate' where he is turned out overnight and brought inside to his cool stable to relax during the day,  or continuing on the 'winter rate' where he will be out during the day and in his stable at night. Please see below for price details.

Basic hard feed is included and we are happy to add any specific dietary needs you may wish you horse to have. We offer Eurobale Haylage as well as hay should you prefer. We use Shavings for bedding and this is also included. Should you wish to use straw this can also be accommodated.

The use of all of the  Facilities is also included in this package.

Please Contact Marcin for up to date prices

Should you require holiday cover this is always available by prior arrangement with Marcin.

If you would like to discuss this further with Marcin, please call him on his mobile, the number of which is at the top and bottom of each page.