Competition/Schooling Package...

If your horse is on the Competition/Schooling Livery Package  we will tend to all his requirements every day, including daily exercise aimed at producing him in his relevant discipline. 

Your horse will be fed, mucked out and groomed every morning. He will then be exercised for up to one hour each day and then turned out to relax until later in the afternoon.

His tack will be cleaned and hay nets & feeds will be made ready for when he comes in from the field.

He will be brought in later in the day, groomed and rugged & fed in the evening.

Manor Farm Equine operates an all year round turnout policy. During the summer this means your horse is turned out at night and brought in to relax in his cool stable during the day. During winter months, all horses are turned out during the day and brought back to their stables later in the afternoon.

Basic hard feed is included and we are happy to add any specific dietary needs you may wish you horse to have. We offer Eurobale Haylage as well as hay should you prefer. We use straw for bedding and this is also included. If you prefer your horse to be bedded on shavings this can also be accommodated.

Please call or private message me for a bespoke costing for your horse